EasyR. Statistical analysis program with explanation.

EasyR: Displays data evaluation in the form of a story in English with a single click.
* The preparation of data for processing will make it easier to find errors and mistakes
* The pre-set “One-click” Analyses are ideal for disposable use
* Complete analyses with a rich pre-set option for statistics lovers
* The editable vector Graphs and tables that you like with an export to MS Excel

About EasyR

EasyR is a statistical data processing program.

The EasyR one-click version is especially appreciated by students who need to solve basic statistical tasks with minimal effort in writing their seminary or diploma theses. Pre-set statistical analyses are a great advantage. The assistance with finding errors in the processed data is also useful. The data can be completely prepared in MS Excel. The results are described in such wayin the form of nicely-looking tables and editable graphs are described to be understood. The EasyR version is an ideal tool for PhD students, teachers, and other professional users who also appreciate the tweaks that other statistical data processing programs do not offer.

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